Can’t buy online

The first question people usually think when they first visit on our website is “where is the Purchase Button”.  It is simple, there has never been and never will be one.

We at Vape House are committed to helping adults in enjoying these products.  For some, they follow the advice of the Royal College of Physicians in the UK which urge smokers to use these products as a way to stop smoking.

There are some that use these products because they have already stopped but that URGE to smoke, that idea of having a cigarette after a meal has always been a problem, they can turn to these products with or without nicotine to satisfy that urge.

The reason why we do not sell online are two fold. The first and most important is that we can not know for 100% that the buyer is an adult over 18 or 21. Here is Europe, more then half of the Member States have banned internet sales for same reason why we have never sold them, we cant know yet with our current technology that we are selling to only adults.  If you wish to buy online, please go to a respectable company that has the legal authority to sell to you.  Respect the laws that you live in and abide by them.

The second reason is that at Vape House, if you come to us, we will bring not only the world of vaping to you but we will explain and guide and show you the industry.

We have products from the United States, from Russia and the European Union.  We carry a wide range of Flavors AND a wide range of prices. We know that some want a premium product and others just want somethings that has a good value. We will not sell cheap products but will sell products that have a great value and will save you money.

The exciting thing today is that the industry is at a point that it is CHEAPER to Vape then to smoke.  Many today are trying these products not because they care about their health but their money.  We are Vape House do not care why you come, we only want you to come and see these products, make an informed decision if you want to use them and if they will help.

We at Vape House want you to feel at home when we bring the world to you.

Chris Dodge

Managing Director Vape House Holdings