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Free TV?  Free Computer?  Free Holiday?

Vape House Prague, a small but growing chain of E-cigarette shops is on a mission to help smokers to think about all of the above.

Each day more and more people are switching from smoking to vaping and although this article is not going to go over the arguments and disputes, we will just point out that the Royal College of Physicians the leading group of Doctors in the UK have strongly urged people that smoke to quit.

For you, the smoker, Vape House wants to show you just how much you can save by trying these products.  Now for the bad part, some math.

If you are like most, you are an average smoker and that means you are buying about one pack of cigarettes each day or about 30 packs each month.  With the average cost of each pack being 90 Krowns, you are spending about 2700Kč each month to smoke.

If you go to Vape House, they will show you a basic Vape Pen or mod which you can buy for under 1000 Krowns.  This Pen or mod can last for years.

Now, the price of the e-liquids is coming down not that more and more are being produced.  Vape House is some as low as 40 Krowns per 10 ml of liquid.

If you smoke one pack a day, you will use about 10 ml bottle every 3 days.  That means in one month you will spend as little as 400 Krowns on these products.  Even the first month you are saving about 1400 Krowns and then each month after you will be saving over 2 thousand Krowns just by switching.

Also, there is no proof that these products have second-hand smoke.  Also we still have the smoking ban in bars and restaurants but did you know that Vaping products (also know as E-cigarettes) are NOT banned?

You can even try flavors such as Coffee, Black Tea or fruit flavors.

Don’t bother going on the internet for Vape House as they do not sell these products there.  Although it is still legal to buy them over the internet, Vape House wants to not only make sure that only adults use these products but their people will help you decide how strong of nicotine you need and what kind of pen or mod you can use.

Think about it, if you are saving 1500 -2000 Krowns a month, in a year you will have saved more than enough to buy a great new computer or TV or go on that great holiday to Italy all because you have saved over 20,000 by switching to Vape House.

It is debatable how much you are saving in health but it is not when it comes to cold hard money.

They just opened another shop in Celetna as well as having a store in Zizkov.  They are planning on opening up more shops as they grow and the owner wants to make Prague the center of the world for this new industry but that is another story.