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Vape Expo

22.3.2017 | Žádné komentáře
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Cosmic Fog

17.3.2017 | Žádné komentáře

CHILL’D TOBACCO Chill’d Tobacco is an adventure into a world of excellence.  We’ve blended some of the world’s finest mild leaf tobacco flavors with a fresh peppermint background. Deep soft notes of rich chocolate fill the mouth on the exhale, leaving a lasting impression you won’t soon forget.   CHEWBERRY Chew on this! Chewberry is […]

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Vape House rides the Marrakesh Express

14.3.2017 | Žádné komentáře

  Vape House, the world’s fastest growing franchise is pleased to announce the addition of Vape House Marrakesh. Vape House Marrakesh will be the first Vape House outside of Europe and the first Vape House in Africa. It will also be the first Franchise in African for any Vape chain and signals the importance of […]

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1.3.2017 | Žádné komentáře

NORTH The unexpected part. The aroma from the bottle resembles a raspberry jam in its purest manifestation, without any hint of coconut. and so it turns out to taste. Gentle raspberry jam and light notes of coconut. A more intense coconut manifests itself in the exhalation and in the aftertaste. There was not too much, […]

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