The unexpected part. The aroma from the bottle resembles a raspberry jam in its purest manifestation, without any hint of coconut. and so it turns out to taste. Gentle raspberry jam and light notes of coconut. A more intense coconut manifests itself in the exhalation and in the aftertaste. There was not too much, and he is not as pronounced. It’s for the best. This is not the impression that the flavor of all piled in a heap.


The aroma filled with mango and only slightly punched notes of green tea. In the palate is dominated by green tea with hints of ginger, they give a little taste acuity. Mango is felt not as intense as in the smell. I note that all the components are chosen so that they form a single whole and complement each other perfectly. The taste is perfectly balanced and lovers of tea flavors.


Banana, coconut, chocolate, cream. Once the picture emerges of the classic banana dessert. That’s right, it is well cooked dessert flavor, which is based on embedded banana and chocolate cream and coconut notes provide an excellent background, highlighting the main components. This fragrance steamed easily, it is not loaded and perfectly balanced. There is no doubt that on this aroma worked hard to bring it to perfection. It’s hard enough to balance these components and get a good taste that will unfold correctly.


This fragrance is like a salad of exotic fruits. He also perceived the smell. One gets the feeling that all the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. When you hover impossible to isolate any particular flavor, which is constantly in the foreground. Every time a new sensation.


Excellent and fresh taste of the tropics. In the foreground, exotic passion fruit flavor, it perfectly complement kiwi and strawberries. The taste is very bright and juicy, perfectly conveys the mood of the summer. Strawberry feels great as you exhale and in the aftertaste. I liked the flavor, and I am pleased to recommend it as a fragrance for every day.